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Updates as of 12/30/2014

 Brat is now available on the Kindle and ibookstore --

Brat is a fictional autobiography about a military brat.

As Robert Smith travels from one military base to another, he recalls the trouble he gave his parents fresh from the womb, the abuse and molestation of a cruel babysitter, his near break from reality following the trauma, and the first kiss he received from a dying girl.

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     The Delmarian Influence is currently on sale for just $4.99.

    You can find it on the Kindle or get it on The Nook 



      The Delmarians and Humans have found peace after a decade of war. Now new recruits are chosen and a threat looms that could destroy both species. Garett Tylin is part Delmarian and part Human, and he has a dream to explore the universe and know all of its secrets. Will his bloodline make him stronger or hinder him when he faces the threat?






The Night Trials is currently on sale for just $3.99.


            Available on the Kindle  or get it on The Nook


           Since the Great Battle there has been peace between the shape-shifting black leopards known as the Caanlin. In Gylman Ruse, where the last great chief died and gave birth to this lasting peace, a monster has risen that drains life from its victims. Join the Caanlin as they journey to protect their people from mythical creatures, civil war, insurrection, and sickness in Caanlin Running.




The Broken Peace -- Only $4.99

            Available on the Kindle


          In the Broken Peace, Keman of the Yiman has been acknowledged as the first Fa'il Caanlin to be born in generations after his defeat of the Grenim. As the Owan bring war to all the tribes with their dark magick and strange weapons, Trinia of the Owan has been given the task of killing the Fa'il Caanlin. Meanwhile, Helgan of the Shanwa has promised to bring the Fa'il Caanlin to the Owan in exchange for his tribeswoman. Will Keman survive his Night Trials with so many forces conspiring against him?



The Liar And Other Short Stories

             is currently on sale for just $2.99.

You can find it on:

Kindle or The Nook


         A genuinely bonafide story from a true-to-life liar is first. Other stories include "How My Fantastic Farm Animals Recycle Their Refuse", an entertaining short about how a farmer keeps his farm so fresh. Next delve into a strange world where medicine attempts to cure a young women with "No Eyes, No Mouth". Finally, two coming of age stories in "Bully And A Girl" and "Intimacy".





Caanlin Rising  is on sale for just $2.99.

You can find it on:

Kindle or The Nook      


           Meet the Caanlin, a race of shape-shifting humans of dark skin that can become leopards. A breeder finds love and shame in Disgraced. In Sight For Jaygas, a man attempts to find a purpose in his tribe. Enslaved by the Salesicans, a half-breed joins a revolt in Leopard of Night. Finally, in Leopard Calling, a young girl, a slave owner, and a special infant cross paths.




 Available exclusively on the Kindle

The Blade And The Heart

In The Blade And the Heart Megean is strong-willed, stubborn, and more than capable of finishing a fight. She is just the type of girl that Nathan wants to marry, though she vows she will never marry a soldier. In a war where it is difficult to tell which side is the right, they must choose between the blade and the heart.

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The Delmarian Influence